Domme, a must-see village in the Dordogne

2 December 2022


The DORDOGNE offers you many visits and discoveries of all kinds. If you like to stroll, visit, discover the French territories, if you prefer gastronomy, history or sports activities, the PÉRIGORD NOIR is your holiday destination.

Around our campsite, LE MOULIN DE CAUDON, you will discover this extraordinary region full of treasures.

First of all, come and stroll through the streets of our picturesque village of DOMME which you can reach by road (5 kms) or take the side roads that I will indicate to you.
DOMME, a majestic medieval bastide founded in 1281, overlooks the Dordogne river, the view is simply magnificent. You will see the castle of BEYNAC, the village of la ROCQUE GAGEAC and the castle of MONTFORT.
Our village is one of the “most beautiful villages of France”.

If you like to stroll around, I encourage you to take a stroll through the many narrow streets, admire the architecture of the pretty blonde stone houses and walk through the citadel via its three gates (the Porte del BOS, the Porte de la Combe and the Porte des Tours) and its squares (Place de la Rode, Place de la Halle).

Halle de Domme
The Halle of Domme – photo credit : Pixabay

The CAVE of DOMME, discovered in 1912, is a place not to be missed when you go up to the bastide.
It is 450 metres long and extends under the village. In 2021, the cave was given a facelift for the pleasure of the eyes, with a play of light, pools, stalagmites, translucent drapery and a mirror of water… You can enter the cave from the Place de la Halle for a guided tour (for more information call 0553317101).

Another pleasant way to visit the village : DOMME EXPRESS : you get on board a small train and enjoy the history and the emblematic places such as the Place de la Halle, the house of the money beaters, the ramparts, the fortified doors …

If you come up on a Thursday, you can also enjoy our traditional market.

Domme is an aesthetic and architectural masterpiece, it is a place not to be missed in the PÉRIGORD NOIR.

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